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Miranda, or Mi. Fic writer, 28, Mojave Desert.

This blog: Marvel 616 mostly, Steve Rogers, Steve/Tony, Steve & anyone. Particular soft spots include Steve, Tony, Jan, Carol, Steve, and America (the country). I also reblog a lot of Kamala Khan, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, and Jessica Drew. Expect lots of fanart. And sometimes other comic book stuff.

I enjoy cigars, urban hiking, scotch, tattoos, and expanding my portfolio of identities for conversations in casino bars.

Also fanfiction.

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vibraniumstark replied to your post “If I were to maybe start up a stevetony biweekly fanfiction challenge…”

I would do this, though probably only if it wasnt MCU because I’m just awful at writing those

I was thinking I’d do an MCU week every now and then but it would be mostly 616 because there’s just not as much 616 fic out there and I’m greedy and I want more.

If I were to maybe start up a stevetony biweekly fanfiction challenge with themed weeks and photo prompts and that sort of thing would anyone want to play?

Okay, nope.  Nope, nope, still can’t be on this website.  It’s not working.



Captain America, Vol. 6 #8

My favorite volume of Captain America, and one of my favorite issues!

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I’ve been preoccupied with onemuseleft's Jan/Tigra thing allllllllll daaaaaaaaay.  Maybe I should just switch to writing a super rare pairing that no one else has ever written fanfiction for.  That might be kinda relaxing.

laireshi replied to your post “shipping challenge: Janet van Dyne & Wanda Maximoff”

Excuse me, but Ult Wanda/Jan.

I literally don’t even remember them interacting.

shipping challenge: Janet van Dyne & Wanda Maximoff
phenominablesnowman phenominablesnowman Said:

Well, for Jan, first of all, Hank Pym.  I think they’d be a dream to write together in some kind of half-together half-not 1940s movie-style I hate you I love you romance that ends badly.  But also Tony Stark.  I’m obsessed with the idea of them being terrible rich kids together and falling into bed occasionally over the years, but never really being together for no actual reason other than “that’s just not how it is with us.”  

Wanda is a character that I’ve somewhat … never really bonded with?  There’s clearly something between her and Steve, but I can’t really get behind it, although I do find it interesting.  I think her relationship with Wonder Man is supremely fucked up.  I haven’t read anything where she’s with Vision, so I can’t really speak to that … 

Idk, it seemed like she and Pietro really had something in Ults.

Asker laireshi Asks:
steve rogers
phenominablesnowman phenominablesnowman Said:

Well, Tony Stark obvs.  But I also have this can’t look away fascination with Steve and Sharon’s trainwreck love story.  There’s something kind of sweet about how awful it is.


“Okay. This looks bad.”

“YA THINK?!?!”



616 Tony Stark + text meme

please take photoshop away from me

Wow. This is all kinds of awful. 

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